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FEB 2017

AVERT YOUR GAZE! | New website coming March 2017.

OCT 2016

Interviews round-up: Vice Creators Project, The Paris Review Daily, and Psychology Central, about my life in LA, my thoughts on questionnaires, and my bathing habits, respectively.

Deep space for NY Times Book Review.


SHAGGS ALERT. I have animated The Shaggs' (first? first!) music video. The song is "Philosophy of the World," a legendary 1969 nugget of teenage Zen and shattered rhythms.

PROUST ALERT. New book A Proust Questionnaire is in stores September 6.

JULY 2016

New York Times: inequality, atheism, polygamy, immigration, guns, Shakespeare.

I'm the resident illustrator for The Nation's advice column "Asking for a Friend." Here are a few.

Bergdorf's (the mag, not the windows).

And these spot illos or a five-and-dime in Buffalo, New York.


Forthcoming from Penguin: an illustrated Proust Questionnaire, fall 2016. Put your personality on notice!

New Patrick deWitt animation(s) for Anansi, Granta, and Ecco. The new book, UNDERMAJORDOMO MINOR, is strange and great.

The letter R for Corraini.

Title animation for The Impossibilities web series.

A yogic disaster in The New York Times.

Cover of Mockingbird lit journal, and several interior illos.

Cover of Johns Hopkins Magazine.

Nautilus Magazine, various.

Tablet Magazine, one.

Flaubert poster collected in Visual Families (Gestalten, 2014).


The cover of Happiness, n+1's ten-year anthology, is in stores. (As is the book.)

Happy to contribute to Night Gallery's Night Papers for its issue on sex and reproductive rights. Chris Kraus, Kim Gordon, Elaine Stocki, not bad.

Variously New York Times, NPR, Tablet, High Life Magazine (1 ,2).

And that Modern Love animated series got nominated for a News Emmy! I think we lost.

MAY 2014

Aspirin vines in the New York Times.

APRIL 2014

Norman Lear full-page portrait in The New Yorker.

Print from Tumbling Old Women up for auction at Paddle8.

A Reader's Book of Days nominated for an Indies Choice Book Award.

The cover of Idiopathy chosen by the Chicago Tribune as one of the best of 2013.

...and impromptu (and 100% inaccurate) portrait of Blood Orange gaining me entree to his sold-out show at the El Rey. My proudest moment?

Or this.


Anxious youth (Victorian, millenial) in the New York Times.


I have neglected this space in order to attend to some other things, like moving to Los Angeles.

In October, the New York Times invited me to animate this story about an adopted teenage girl who discovered her biological mother on Facebook. Thanks to Zena Barakat, patient video producer, for steering me into the unknown territory of "heartwarming."

In November, Tom Nissley's amazing literary almanac A Reader's Book of Days arrived. I contributed some 100 drawings. Portraits of a weeping Dickens, a smoking Colette, a lipless Beckett, many, many more. May you buy it? You may!

Goodbye New York, hello New Yorker: Gopnik on Ellington and the Beatles.

JULY 2013

Judge-in-a-box, NY Times.

MAY 2013

Back from the West! Some winter debris:

The New York Times (and another), Travel+Leisure, The Wall Street Journal, and Tablet.

A (very) abridged history of science for Nautilus Magazine, scored to "The Chambered Nautilus" by Oliver Wendell Holmes. Animation by Len Small.

A wedding invitation animation for enviros Charlie + Jess (click on HD).

The Independent approves of my Idiopathy cover. (Grateful to have been Frenchified as "Néborsky.")

I illustrated some hundred pages of Tom Nissley's A Reader's Book of Days (Norton). The book is great, and I can say that because I did not write it. More to come round pub date of November 2013.


Covers of next year's Idiopathy by Sam Byers (Faber and Faber) and Our Man in Iraq by Robert Perisic (Black Balloon Publishing, whose logo I also designed).

Portraits of Duchamp, Kierkegaard, and Nietszche in Italy's Mousse Magazine.

Joe Berkowitz's "My Superpower Is Being Alone Forever: Newly Single" at The Awl.

Interviews in Out of Order Magazine, and, unbelievably, a TV program called Fashion Tsubin (Fashion News), which aired in September on BS-J in Japan. I do not know how to link to this.

A Partial Inventory of Gustave Flaubert's Personal Effects honored by Society of Ilustrators.

...And a parting note as I leave for Los Angeles, where I'll be living and working and dressing exclusively in Sun-In for a few months. (Meager) updates to resume here in March 2013.


Nevermind catastrophe, It's Nice That likes my work!


People calling your phone asking for Sharlene: A foible illustrated for the New York Times.

Shulamith Firestone portrait for Tablet.

From the verklempt files: Received in the mail a fresh copy of Steven Heller's Comics Sketchbooks, a compilation of the private notebooks of dozens of illustrators and comicists. I've got six pages in there next to life-heroes R. Crumb, Ben Katchor, Gary Panter!


New New York Times (Op-Ed and Book Review), new Tablet.

The Invisible Dog is an art space in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. I'm interviewed along with other I-Dog residents in this glossy fundraising video.


The wonderful Charlotte Strick has interviewed me about the Flaubert poster on The Paris Review Daily. Previously on PR, the poster itself.

JULY 2012

Voilà: a poster cataloguing 155 of Flaubert's favorite things. Check Whigby in August to order a copy ($60).

MAY 2012

To the north! I'll be hibernating in western Canada this May -- heading out for a book arts residency at the Banff Center. Back in a few.

APRIL 2012

Illustration on the NY Times Op-Ed page.

New animation for Paddle8.

Kind words from the 1990s: Liquid Television likes my work!

MARCH 2012

NYC: I'm going to introduce my animations for Patrick deWitt's "The Bastard" and The Sisters Brothers at Electric Literature's release parties for the paperback edition of SisBros. The author will talk, and there'll be whiskey and wine. 7 pm at McNally Jackson on Thursday, March 8; 7 - 10 pm at BookCourt on Friday, March 9.


The NY Times asked, I answered.


A few illustrations in Occupy! Scenes from Occupied America, out now from Verso.

Cover of WG News+Arts (scroll right).

Holiday cards for Edizioni Corraini at 3 euros a pop. Also sold at About Glamour Gallery at 107A North 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY.


At The Awl, installment #2 of My_Superpower_is_Being_Alone_Forever by Joe Berkowitz . (Did you miss #1? Here it is!)

Animation for Triple Canopy's new print anthology is up. Thanks to Cleaning Women for the tune.

A few little numbers in n+1's second Occupy! Gazette. Illustrations in New York Magazine and Tablet, cover of The Washington Post's Capital Business.

Photographer Malcolm Brown takes my portrait, an homage to my man Fénéon. It's my lost yé-yé album cover! Also, some views of my untidy studio.


Two events.

Friday, October 14: clips from my animated trailer for The Sisters Brothers will air on BBC2's Review Programme during an interview with author Patrick deWitt. As a result, Austin Powers' song about the BBC will not evacuate my brain.

Friday, October 28: my animation promoting Triple Canopy's new print anthology Invalid Format will loop at the magazine's fall benefit The Future Has Two Faces, alongside the work of a lot of real-life artists. At Picture Ray Studio, 245 West 18th Street, New York.


Whoa nelly! Patrick deWitt's great, great The Sisters Brothers shortlisted for the Booker Prize. (Watch the book trailer here.)

At The Awl, Joe Berkowitz says My Superpower is Being Alone Forever. I illustrate.

Brain Pickings picks on Illustrated Three-Line Novels.

JUNE 2011

I went to Greece.

I illustrated Tablet's Lost Books.

I was in The Daily Heller.

MAY 2011

Hard riding and harder living in this animation for Patrick deWitt's new novel The Sisters Brothers, from HarperCollins.

APRIL 2011

Portraits in China's Leap Magazine.

Illustration in the Boston Globe Book Review.

Illustrations for Toronto Eye Weekly's Dating Diaries series, January-April.

MARCH 2011

March brings news of my latest book: Tumbling Old Women, or Vecchie Che Cadono. It's my first children's book, and children definitely shouldn't read it. Written in 1936 by the Russian avant-gardist Daniil Kharms, who died in a Soviet prison, and published by Edizioni Corraini. The English translation was provided generously by Matvei Yankelevich and The Overlook Press.

On March 30th, I'll be signing copies of Tumbling Old Women at the Bologna Art Museum in Italy as part of the 2011 Bologna Children's Book Festival.

And then on April 1, I'll be leading a collage workshop at 121+ bookstore in Milan. It's called Ritaglia! (Cut It Out!). Click below for more information:


If you've forgotten your resolutions already, here's a default set at Print Magazine (also an interview).

New illustrations in New York Magazine's Where to Eat Issue, December 27, 2010.


Bookforum well likes my illustrations for David Graeber's To Have is to Owe, now up at Triple Canopy.

Double header! Melville House on the rise of the literary animation, featuring two of mine.

n+1 debuts What Was the Hipster?

Illustrated Three-Line Novels on page 62 of 944 Magazine.


W Magazine illustrations and lettering, December issue.

A nice review in Molossus. A mostly nice review in The Stranger.


Illustrated Three-Line Novels featured on The Huffington Post, Flavorwire's Daily Dose, and Felt & Wire ("extra-strength weirdness and wit").

Interview at Epilogue Magazine.

Illustrations and lettering in the November issue of W Magazine.

My six wall panels for the children's room of the new Georgetown Library will be unveiled at a Grand Opening Party on October 23, 10 am - 4 pm, 3260 R St. N.W., Washington D.C. Face-painting, cider-making, beading.

SEPTEMBER 2010: Many thanks to the fine folks who turned up to my fête on the fourteenth. 100 people showed, books sold out, and they blogged my grandma's hat!

Save the date! Release party for Illustrated Three-Line Novels on Tuesday, September 14, from 6:30 to 8:30 at Belcourt on the corner of 4th St and 2nd Ave in the East Village. Expect Vieux Carré Absinthe drink specials, passed hors-d'oeuvres, and a deeply blushing moi.

What now?! Favorite-blog-on-Earth A Journey Round My Skull has featured my book!


Steven Heller blogged the book at Print Magazine.

On YouTube, my Single_Sentence_Animation for Patrick deWitt's short story "The Bastard," which appears in Issue 4 of electric literature.

JULY 2010: Bookforum says "Neborsky's art is of both Fénéon's era and our own, aptly depicting the Banquet Years in the Reality Hunger era of appropriation." Read the rest of the review of Illustrated Three-Line Novels.

JUNE 2010: Things You've Been Meaning to Do selected for British design mag Creative Review's first-ever "Illustration Annual."

Animation for Fool's Gold's "Wide Eyes" remix up at Pitchfork (maddeningly looping only once).

Thank God: a new website. Also thank André da Loba. Check back for not-irregular updates.



























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